Texas Hold’em Poker: Trouble Hands

Trouble Hands are any kind of hand that have a high chance of losing you money if you decide to play them. However, these hands also have the potential of giving you a great hand if you hit your cards right and you’re lucky enough to have opponents with weaker hands.

The hands below represent some of the trouble hands that newbies have a hard time playing with. For beginners, these hands should be folded preflop. Only experienced players should try their luck at these hands. If you can’t resist, however, then here’s a small guide to help you lose the minimal amount of money when choosing to play these hands.

Ace Ten Offsuit

If an Ace appears on the flop, then you have top pair. However, there’s also a high chance that someone else also has an ace – and a better kicker. Be careful with this hand, especially when there are still a lot of players in the hand.

King Ten Offsuit

A lot of newbies like this hand due to the King. However, this hand has the same problem with Ace Ten, that being hitting a King on the flop would still not guarantee you have the best hand as your kicker isn’t that strong.

Pair of Jacks

Newbies like the pair of Jacks due to it being a decent pair. However, you should just limp in preflop and fold to any raise as you are dominated by a lot of other hands. You should also not play this in a multi-way pot, as chances are high that more than one hand dominates you.

Even if you are a beginner and you try to avoid these hands, sooner or later you will have to play them. Just make sure that when you do, you learn from it, and you get better.